04-84 Jens Bolte and Rainer Galser
Semiclassical propagation of coherent states with spin-orbit interaction (163K, LaTeX2e) Mar 16, 04
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Abstract. We study semiclassical approximations to the time evolution of coherent states for general spin-orbit coupling problems in two different semiclassical scenarios: The limit \hbar to zero is first taken with fixed spin quantum number s and then with \hbar*s held constant. In these two cases different classical spin-orbit dynamics emerge. We prove that a coherent state propagated with a suitable classical dynamics approximates the quantum time evolution up to an error of size \sqrt{\hbar} and identify an Ehrenfest time scale. Subsequently an improvement of the semiclassical error to an arbitray order \hbar^{N/2} is achieved by a suitable deformation of the state that is propagated classically.

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