04-52 John Z. Imbrie
Dimensional Reduction for Directed Branched Polymers (167K, pdf) Feb 27, 04
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Abstract. Dimensional reduction occurs when the critical behavior of one system can be related to that of another system in a lower dimension. We show that this occurs for directed branched polymers (DBP) by giving an exact relationship between DBP models in D+1 dimensions and repulsive gases at negative activity in D dimensions. This implies relations between exponents of the two models: $\gamma(D+1)=\alpha(D)$ (the exponent describing the singularity of the pressure), and $\nu_{\perp}(D+1)=\nu(D)$ (the correlation length exponent of the repulsive gas). It also leads to the relation $\theta(D+1)=1+\sigma(D)$, where $\sigma(D)$ is the Yang-Lee edge exponent. We derive exact expressions for the number of DBP of size N in two dimensions.

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