04-42 Jens Bolte and Rainer Glaser
Zitterbewegung and semiclassical observables for the Dirac equation (109K, LaTeX 2e) Feb 20, 04
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Abstract. In a semiclassical context we investigate the Zitterbewegung of relativistic particles with spin 1/2 moving in external fields. It is shown that the analogue of Zitterbewegung for general observables can be removed to arbitrary order in \hbar by projecting to dynamically almost invariant subspaces of the quantum mechanical Hilbert space which are associated with particles and anti-particles. This not only allows to identify observables with a semiclassical meaning, but also to recover combined classical dynamics for the translational and spin degrees of freedom. Finally, we discuss properties of eigenspinors of a Dirac-Hamiltonian when these are projected to the almost invariant subspaces, including the phenomenon of quantum ergodicity.

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