04-417 L. Amour, B. Grebert, JC Guillot
The dressed nonrelativistic electron in a magnetic field (281K, pdf) Dec 17, 04
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Abstract. We consider a nonrelativistic electron interacting with a classical magnetic field pointing along the $x_{3}$-axis and with a quantized electromagnetic field. When the interaction between the electron and photons is turned off, the electronic system is assumed to have a ground state of finite multiplicity. Because of the translation invariance along the $x_{3}$-axis, we consider the reduced Hamiltonian associated with the total momentum along the $x_{3}$-axis and, after introducing an ultraviolet cutoff and an infrared regularization, we prove that the reduced Hamiltonian has a ground state if the coupling constant and the total momentum along the $x_{3}$-axis are sufficiently small. Finally we determine the absolutely continuous spectrum of the reduced Hamiltonian.

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