04-352 Joseph V. Pule, Andre F. Verbeure, Valentin A. Zagrebnov
Models with Recoil for Bose-Einstein Condensation and Superradiance (293K, pdf) Nov 2, 04
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Abstract. In this paper we consider two models which exhibit equilibrium BEC superradiance. They are related to two different types of superradiant scattering observed in recent experiments. The first one corresponds to the amplification of matter-waves due to Raman superradiant scattering from a cigar-shaped BE condensate, when the recoiled and the condensed atoms are in different internal states. The main mechanism is stimulated Raman scattering in two-level atoms, which occurs in a superradiant way. Our second model is related to the superradiant Rayleigh scattering from a cigar-shaped BE condensate. This again leads to a matter-waves amplification but now with the recoiled atoms in the same state as the atoms in the condensate. Here the recoiling atoms are able to interfere with the condensate at rest to form a matter-wave grating (interference fringes) which is observed experimentally.

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