04-348 A. Haro, R. de la Llave
A parameterization method for the computation of invariant tori and their whiskers in quasi periodic maps: rigorous results. (148K, latex) Nov 2, 04
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Abstract. We prove rigorous results on persistence of invariant tori and their invariant manifolds for quasiperiodically perturbed systems. The proofs are based on the parametrization method of X. Cabre, E. Fontich, R. de la Llave, Ind. Math. Jour. 52, 2 The invariant manifolds results proved here include as particular cases of the usual (strong) stable and (strong) unstable manifolds, but also include other non-resonant manifolds. The method lends itself to numerical implementations whose analysis and implementation is studied in a companion paper by the same authors.

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