04-331 Pavel Exner and Takashi Ichinose
Product formula related to quantum Zeno dynamics (67K, LaTeX) Oct 22, 04
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Abstract. We prove a product formula which involves the unitary group generated by a semibounded self-adjoint operator and an orthogonal projection $P$ on a separable Hilbert space $\HH$, with the convergence in $L^2_\mathrm{loc}(\mathbb{R};\HH)$. It gives a partial answer to the question about existence of the limit which describes quantum Zeno dynamics in the subspace \hbox{$\mathrm{Ran}\,P$}. The convergence in $\HH$ is demonstrated in the case of a finite-dimensional $P$. The main result is illustrated in the example where the projection corresponds to a domain in $\mathbb{R}^d$ and the unitary group is the free Schr\"odinger evolution. [a revised version of mp_arc 03-74, to appear in Ann. H. Poincare]

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