04-243 Steve Clark, Fritz Gesztesy, and Walter Renger
Trace Formulas and Borg-Type Theorems for Matrix-Valued Jacobi and Dirac Finite Difference Operators (94K, LaTeX) Aug 4, 04
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Abstract. Borg-type uniqueness theorems for matrix-valued Jacobi operators H and supersymmetric Dirac difference operators D are proved. More precisely, assuming reflectionless matrix coefficients A, B in the self-adjoint Jacobi operator H=AS^+ + A^-S^- + B (with S^\pm the right/left shift operators on the lattice Z) and the spectrum of H to be a compact interval [E_-,E_+], $E_- < E_+, we prove that A and B are certain multiples of the identity matrix. An analogous result which, however, displays a certain novel nonuniqueness feature, is proved for supersymmetric self-adjoint Dirac difference operators D with spectrum given by [-E_+^{1/2},-E_-^{1/2}] \cup [E_-^{1/2},E_+^{1/2}], 0 \leq E_- < E_+.

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