03-408 Volker Bach and Jacob Schach Moller
Correlation at low temperature: II. Asymptotics (114K, latex) Sep 8, 03
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Abstract. The present paper is a continuation of our paper [Bach-Moller mp_arc 02-215] where the truncated two-point correlation function for a class of lattice spin systems was proved to have exponential decay at low temperature, under a weak coupling assumption. In this paper we compute the asymptotics of the correlation function as the temperature goes to zero. This paper thus extends [Bach-Jecko-Sjostrand, mp_arc 98-552] in two directions: The Hamiltonian function is allowed to have several local minima other than a unique global minimum, and we do not require translation invariance of the Hamiltonian function. We are in particular able to handle spin systems on a general lattice.

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