03-388 K. R. Ito and F. Hiroshima
Local exponents and infinitesimal generators of canonical transformations on Boson Fock spaces (78K, latex) Aug 27, 03
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Abstract. A one-parameter symplectic group $\{e^{t\dA}\}_{t\in\RR}$ derives proper canonical transformations on a Boson Fock space. It has been known that the unitary operator $U_t$ implementing such a proper canonical transformation gives a projective unitary representation of $\{e^{t\dA}\}_{t\in\RR}$ and that $U_t$ can be expressed as a normal-ordered form. We rigorously derive the self-adjoint operator $\D(\dA)$ and a phase factor $e^{i\int_0^t\TA(s)ds}$ with a real-valued function $\TA$ such that $U_t=e^{i\int_0^t\TA(s)ds}e^{it\D(\dA)}$. \end{abstract} {\footnotesize {\it Key words}: Canonical transformations(Bogoliubov transformations), symplectic groups, projective unitary representations, one-parameter unitary groups, infinitesimal self-adjoint generators, local factors, local exponents, normal-ordered quadratic expressions.

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