03-33 Sergej A. Choroszavin ( sergius@pve.vsu.ru )
An Interaction of An Oscillator with An One-Dimensional Scalar Field. Simple Exactly Solvable Models based on Finite Rank Perturbations Methods. I: D'Alembert-Kirchhoff-like formulae (88K, LaTeX 2.09) Jan 29, 03
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Abstract. (the paper is a version of 03-26: Subsection 1.4 (Resonance) extended and corrected) This paper is an electronic application to my set of lectures, subject:`Formal methods in solving differential equations and constructing models of physical phenomena'. Addressed, mainly: postgraduates and related readers. Content: a very detailed discussion of the simple model of interaction based on the equation array: d^2 q(t)/dt^2 =-\Omega^2(q(t)-Q(t))+f_0(t) , d^2 u(t,x)/t^2=c^{2}d^2 u(t,x)/dx ^2 -4\gamma c\delta(x-x_0)(Q(t)-q(t))+f_1(t,x) , Q(t) = u(t,x_0) . Besides, less detailed discussion of related models. Central mathematical points: d'Alembert-Kirchhoff-like formulae. Central physical points: phenomena of Radiation Reaction, Braking Radiation and Resonance.

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