03-286 S. ADAMS and J.-B. BRU
Critical Analysis of the Bogoliubov Theory of Superfluidity (375K, Postscript) Jun 18, 03
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Abstract. The microscopic theory of superfluidity [1-3] was proposed by Bogoliubov in 1947 to explain the Landau-type excitation spectrum of helium 4. An analysis of the Bogoliubov theory has already been performed in the recent review [4]. Here we add some new critical analyses of this theory. This leads us to consider the superstable Bogoliubov model [5]. It gives rise to an improvement of the previous theory which will be explained with more details in a next paper [6]: coexistence in the superfluid liquid of particles inside and outside the Bose condensate (even at zero temperature), Bose/Bogoliubov statistics, ``Cooper pairs'' in the Bose condensate, Landau-type excitation spectrum...

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