03-211 Rafael de la Llave, Arturo Olvera
The Obstruction criterion for non existence of Invariant Circles and Renormalization. (1062K, PostScript) May 5, 03
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Abstract. We formulate a conjecture which supplements the standard renormalization scenario for the breakdown of golden circle in twist maps. We show rigorously that if the conjecture was true then: a) The stable manifold of the non-trivial fixed point would indeed be a boundary between the existence of smooth invariant tori and hyperbolic orbits with golden mean rotation number. In particular, the boundary of the set of twist maps with a torus with a golden mean rotation number would include a smooth submanifold in the space of analytic mappings. b) The obstruction criterion of [Olvera-Simo] would be sharp in the universality class of the renormalization group. c) The criterion of [Greene-79] for existence of invariant circles if and only if there the residues of approximating orbits are finite would be valid for maps in the universality class. d) If there is no invariant circle, there are hyperbolic sets with golden mean rotation number. We also provide numerical evidence which suggests that the conjecture is true and discuss briefly the possibilities of providing a computer-assisted proof. We also discuss tentatively phenomena for other rotation numbers.

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