03-204 Jozsef Fritz, Balint Toth
Derivation of the Leroux system as the hydrodynamic limit of a two-component lattice gas (476K, pdf) Apr 30, 03
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Abstract. The long time behavior of a couple of interacting asymmetric exclusion processes of opposite velocities is investigated in one space dimension. We do not allow two particles at the same site, and a collision effect (exchange) takes place when particles of opposite velocities meet at neighboring sites. There are two conserved quantities, and the model admits hyperbolic (Euler) scaling; the hydrodynamic limit results in the classical Leroux system of conservation laws, \emph{ even beyond the appearence of shocks }. Actually, we prove convergence to the set of entropy solutions, the question of uniqueness is left open. To control rapid oscillations of Lax entropies via logarithmic Sobolev inequality estimates, the symmetric part of the process is speeded up in a suitable way, thus a slowly vanishing viscosity is obtained at the macroscopic level. Following earlier work of the first author the stochastic version of Tartar--Murat theory of compensated compactness is extended to two-component stochastic models.

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