03-202 Miaohua Jiang
SRB Measures for Lattice Dynamical Systems (419K, pdf) Apr 29, 03
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Abstract. For weakly coupled expanding maps on the unit circle, Bricmont and Kupiainen showed that the Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen (SRB) measure exists as a Gibbs state. Via thermodynamic formalism, we prove that this SRB measure is indeed the unique equilibrium state for a H\"older continuous potential function on the infinite dimensional phase space. For a more general class of lattice systems that are small perturbations of the uncoupled map lattice, we present the variational principle, the entropy formula, and the formula for the potential function for the SRB measures. For coupled map lattices with nearest neighbor interactions, we give an explicit formula of the potential function for the SRB measure and consequently, obtain the entropy in terms of coupling parameters.

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