03-177 Barry Simon
The Golinskii-Ibragimov Method and a Theorem of Damanik and Killip (33K, AMS-LaTeX) Apr 16, 03
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Abstract. In 1971, Golinskii and Ibragimov proved that if the Verblunsky coefficients, $\{\alpha_n\}_{n=0}^\infty$, of a measure $d\mu$ on $\partial\bbD$ obey $\sum_{n=0}^\infty n \abs{\alpha_n}^2 <\infty$, then the singular part, $d\mu_\s$, of $d\mu$ vanishes. We show how to use extensions of their ideas to discuss various cases where $\sum_{n=0}^N n \abs{\alpha_n}^2$ diverges logarithmically. As an application, we provide an alternative to a part of the proof of a recent theorem of Damanik and Killip.

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