02-61 T. Bodineau and F. Martinelli
Some New Results on the Kinetic Ising Model in a Pure Phase (325K, Postscript gzipped) Feb 8, 02
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Abstract. We consider a general class of Glauber dynamics reversible with respect to the standard Ising model in $\bbZ^d$ with zero external field and inverse temperature $\gb$ strictly larger than the critical value $\gb_c$ in dimension 2 or the so called ``slab threshold'' $\hat \b_c$ in dimension $d \geq 3$. We first prove that the inverse spectral gap in a large cube of side $N$ with plus boundary conditions is, apart from logarithmic corrections, larger than $N$ in $d=2$ while the logarithmic Sobolev constant is instead larger than $N^2$ in any dimension. Such a result substantially improves over all the previous existing bounds and agrees with a similar computations obtained in the framework of a one dimensional toy model based on mean curvature motion. The proof, based on a suggestion made by H.T. Yau some years ago, explicitly constructs a subtle test function which forces a large droplet of the minus phase inside the plus phase. The relevant bounds for general $d\ge 2$ are then obtained via a careful use of the recent $\bbL^1$--approach to the Wulff construction. Finally we prove that in $d=2$ the probability that two independent initial configurations, distributed according to the infinite volume plus phase and evolving under any coupling, agree at the origin at time $t$ is bounded from below by a stretched exponential $\exp(-\sqrt{t})$, again apart from logarithmic corrections. Such a result should be considered as a first step toward a rigorous proof that, as conjectured by Fisher and Huse some years ago, the equilibrium time auto-correlation of the spin at the origin decays as a stretched exponential in $d=2$.

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