02-533 Shuichi Tasaki,Taku Matsui
Fluctuation Theorem, Nonequilibrium Steady States and MacLennan-Zubarev Ensembles of $L^1$-Asymptotic Abelian C$^*$ Dynamical Systems (303K, pdf) Dec 29, 02
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Abstract. For an infinitely extended system divisable into a finite subsystem and several reservoirs, the time evolution of initial states, where the reservoirs are in equilibrium with different temperatures and chemical potentials, is studied. Under the assumption that the time evolution is $L^1$-asymptotic abelian, (i) \ the existence of the steady states, (ii) \ the division independence of the steady states and their relative entropy production, and (iii) \ the stability of steady states against local perturbations are shown. The explicit expression of the relative entropy production and a KMS characterization of the steady states are given. Without the $L^1$-asymptotic abelian property, a noncommutative analog to the fluctuation theorem is derived as well.

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