02-531 Henk Broer, Heinz Hanßmann, Àngel Jorba, Jordi Villanueva, Florian Wagener
Normal-internal resonances in quasi-periodically forced oscillators: a conservative approach (4580K, PostScript, gzipped and uuencoded) Dec 20, 02
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Abstract. In the conservative dynamics of certain quasi-periodically forced oscillators, normal-internal resonances are considered in a bifurcational setting. So the unperturbed system has one degree of freedom. By averaging, the correspondence is made with the well-known case of periodic forcing and the way in which the present quasi-periodic case complicates the former. This paper extends work on the continuation of normally elliptic tori, where all normal-internal resonances are excluded: presently the gaps in the Cantor set are filled one by one.

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