02-38 Marco Lenci
More ergodic billiards with an infinite cusp (84K, LaTeX 2e with 4 eps figures ) Jan 27, 02
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Abstract. In a previous paper (mp_arc 01-386) the following class of billiards was studied: For $f: [0, +\infty) \longrightarrow (0, +\infty)$ convex, sufficiently smooth, and vanishing at infinity, let the billiard table be defined by $Q$, the planar domain delimited by the positive $x$-semiaxis, the positive $y$-semiaxis, and the graph of $f$. For a large class of $f$ we proved that the billiard map was hyperbolic. Furthermore we gave an example of a family of $f$ that makes this map ergodic. Here we extend the latter result to a much wider class of functions.

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