02-346 Gonzalez-Mestres, L.
Deformed Lorentz Symmetry and High-Energy Astrophysics (II) (28K, LaTeX) Aug 9, 02
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Abstract. Lorentz symmetry violation (LSV) can be generated at the Planck scale, or at some other fundamental length scale, and naturally preserve Lorentz symmetry as a low-energy limit (deformed Lorentz symmetry, DLS). DLS can have important implications for ultra-high energy cosmic-ray physics (see papers from arXiv.org physics/0003080 - hereafter referred to as I - , astro-ph/0011181 and astro-ph/0011182, and references quoted in these papers). A crucial question is how DLS can be extended to a deformed Poincaré symmetry (DPS), and what can be the dynamical origin of this phenomenon. We discuss recent proposals to identify DPS with a symmetry incorporating the Planck scale (doubly special relativity, DSR) and suggest new ways in this direction. Implications for models of quadratically deformed relativistic kinematics (QDRK) and linearly deformed relativistic kinematics (LDRK) are also discussed.

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