02-336 Steve Clark and Fritz Gesztesy
On Povzner--Wienholtz-type Self-Adjointness Results for Matrix-Valued Sturm--Liouville Operators (40K, LaTeX) Aug 1, 02
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Abstract. We derive Povzner--Wienholtz-type self-adjointness results for $m\times m$ matrix-valued Sturm--Liouville operators $T=R^{-1}\big[-\f{d}{dx}P\f{d}{dx}+Q\big]$ in $L^2((a,b);Rdx)^m$, $m\in\bbN$, for $(a,b)$ a half-line or $\bbR$. This is an updated and corrected version of a previously archived file to appear in Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh A.

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