02-238 W. Chen
Distance function wavelets Part II: Extended results and conjectures (439K, Acrobat PDF) May 24, 02
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Abstract. Report II is concerned with the extended results of distance function wavelets (DFW). The fractional DFW transforms are first addressed relating to the fractal geometry and the fractional derivative, and then, the discrete Helmholtz-Fourier transform is briefly presented. The Green second identity may be an alternative devise in developing the theoretical framework of the DFW transform and series. The kernel solutions of the Winkler plate equation and the Burger s equation are used to create the DFW transforms and series. Most interestingly, it is found that the translation invariant monomial solutions of the high-order Laplace equations can be used to make very simple polynomial DFW series. In most cases of this study, solid mathematical analysis is missing and results are obtained intuitively in their conjecture status.

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