02-230 David C. Brydges and John Z. Imbrie
End-to-end Distance from the Green's Function for a Hierarchical Self-Avoiding Walk in Four Dimensions (80K, Latex) May 21, 02
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Abstract. In [BEI] we introduced a Levy process on a hierarchical lattice which is four dimensional, in the sense that the Green's function for the process equals 1/x^2. If the process is modified so as to be weakly self-repelling, it was shown that at the critical killing rate (mass-squared) \beta^c, the Green's function behaves like the free one. Now we analyze the end-to-end distance of the model and show that its expected value grows as a constant times \sqrt{T} log^{1/8}T (1+O((log log T)/log T)), which is the same law as has been conjectured for self-avoiding walks on the simple cubic lattice Z^4. The proof uses inverse Laplace transforms to obtain the end-to-end distance from the Green's function, and requires detailed properties of the Green's function throughout a sector of the complex \beta plane. These estimates are derived in a companion paper [BI2].

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