02-214 Volker Bach, Thomas Chen, Juerg Froehlich, Israel Michael Sigal
Smooth Feshbach Map and Operator-Theoretic Renormalization Group Methods (452K, Postscript) May 7, 02
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Abstract. A new variant of the isospectral Feshbach map defined on operators in Hilbert space is presented. It is constructed with the help of a smooth partition of unity, instead of projections, and is therefore called smooth Feshbach map. It is an effective tool in spectral and singular perturbation theory. As an illustration of its power, a novel operator-theoretic renormalization group method is described and applied to analyze a general class of Hamiltonians on Fock space. The main advantage of the new renormalization group method over its predecessors is its technical simplicity, which it owes to the use of the smooth Feshbach map.

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