02-191 Fritz Gesztesy and Konstantin A. Makarov
$\mathbf {SL_2(\bbR)}$, Exponential Herglotz Representations, and Spectral Averaging (92K, LaTeX) Apr 22, 02
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Abstract. We revisit the concept of spectral averaging and point out its origin in connection with one-parameter subgroups of $SL_2(\bbR)$ and the corresponding M\"obius transformations. In particular, we identify exponential Herglotz representations as the basic ingredient for the absolute continuity of average spectral measures with respect to Lebesgue measure and the associated spectral shift function as the corresponding density for the averaged measure. As a by-product of our investigations we unify the treatment of rank-one perturbations of self-adjoint operators and that of self-adjoint extensions of symmetric operators with deficiency indices $(1,1)$. Moreover, we derive separate averaging results for absolutely continuous, singularly continuous, and pure point measures and conclude with an averaging result of the $\kappa$-continuous part (with respect to the $\kappa$-dimensional Hausdorff measure) of singularly continuous measures.

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