02-120 Christian Ferrari, Nicolas Macris
Intermixture of extended edge and localized bulk energy levels in macroscopic Hall systems (333K, Postscript) Mar 13, 02
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Abstract. We study the spectrum of a random Schr\" odinger operator for an electron submitted to a magnetic field in a finite but macroscopic two dimensional system of linear dimensions equal to $L$. The $y$ direction is periodic and in the $x$ direction the electron is confined by two smooth increasing boundary potentials. The eigenvalues of the Hamiltonian are classified according to their associated quantum mechanical current in the $y$ direction. Here we look at an interval of energies inside the first Landau band of the random operator for the infinite plane. In this energy interval, with large probability, there exist O(L) eigenvalues with positive or negative currents of O(1). Between each of these there exist O(L^2) eigenvalues with infinitesimal current O(e^{-cB(log L)^2}). We explain what is the relevance of this analysis to the integer quantum Hall effect.

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