01-99 Vladimir GEORGESCU, Andrei IFTIMOVICI
C*-Algebras of Energy Observables: II. Graded Symplectic Algebras and Magnetic Hamiltonians (484K, Postscript) Mar 12, 01
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Abstract. To each symplectic space $\Xi$ we associate a $C^*$-algebra ${\mathcal C}^\Xi$ graded by the lattice of all linear subspaces of $\Xi$. The hamiltonians of $N$-body systems in constant magnetic fields are affiliated to $C^*$-subalgebras of ${\mathcal C}^\Xi$ for certain choices of $\Xi$, and this allows one to study their spectral properties. The algebra generated by the hamiltonians corresponding to a fixed magnetic field can also be described as the crossed product of an abelian algebra (of ``classical potentials'') by the action of a non-abelian group. This point of view is generalized to the case of non-constant magnetic fields.

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