01-435 M.Campanino, D.Ioffe, Y.Velenik
Ornstein-Zernike Theory for the finite range Ising models above T_c (312K, latex2e with 5 PS figures) Nov 27, 01
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Abstract. We derive precise Ornstein-Zernike asymptotic formula for the decay of the two-point function in the general context of finite range Ising type models on Z^d. The proof relies in an essential way on the a-priori knowledge of the strict exponential decay of the two-point function and, by the sharp characterization of phase transition due to Aizenman, Barsky and Fernandez, goes through in the whole of the high temperature region T > T_c. As a byproduct we obtain that for every T > T_c, the inverse correlation length is an analytic and strictly convex function of direction.

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