01-417 Elliott H. Lieb, Michael Loss
A Bound on Binding Energies and Mass Renormalization in Models of Quantum Electrodynamics (34K, Latex, 10 pages) Nov 8, 01
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Abstract. We study three well known models of matter coupled to the ultraviolet cutoff, quantized radiation field and to the Coulomb potential of arbitrarily many nuclei. Two are nonrelativistic: the first uses the kinetic energy (p+eA(x))^2 and the second uses the Pauli-Fierz energy (p+eA(x))^2 +e\sigma \cdot B(x). The third, no-pair model, is relativistic and replaces the kinetic energy with the Dirac operator D(A), but restricted to its positive spectral subspace, which is the ``electron subspace". In each case we are able to give an upper bound to the {\it binding} energy -- as distinct from the less difficult ground state energy. This implies, for the first time we believe, an estimate, albeit a crude one, of the mass renormalization in these theories.

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