01-369 I. Rodnianski, W. Schlag
Time decay for solutions of Schr\"odinger equations with rough and time dependent potentials (781K, postscript) Oct 12, 01
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Abstract. We establish dispersive and Strichartz estimates for solutions to the linear time-dependent Schr\"odinger equations with potential in three dimensions. Our main focus is on the small rough time-dependent potentials. Examples of such potentials are of the form $V(t,x)=T(t) V_0(x)$, where $T$ is quasiperiodic in time and $V_0$ is essentially an $L^{3/2}$ function of the spatial variables. We also prove the dispersive estimates for small time-independent potentials which belong to the interestion of the Rollnik and global Kato classes. Finally, we settle the question posed by Journe, Soffer, Sogge concerning Strichartz estimates for potentials that decay faster than $|x|^{-2}$ in dimensions greater or equal to three.

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