01-222 Thomas Hupfer, Hajo Leschke, Peter Mueller, Simone Warzel
The Absolute Continuity of the Integrated Density of States for Magnetic Schr{\"o}dinger Operators with Certain Unbounded Random Potentials (282K, Postscript) Jun 21, 01
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Abstract. The object of the present study is the integrated density of states of a quantum particle in multi-dimensional Euclidean space which is characterized by a Schr{\"o}dinger operator with magnetic field and a random potential which may be unbounded from above and below. In case that the magnetic field is constant and the random potential is ergodic and admits a so-called one-parameter decomposition, we prove the absolute continuity of the integrated density of states and provide explicit upper bounds on its derivative, the density of states. This local Lipschitz continuity of the integrated density of states is derived by establishing a Wegner estimate for finite-volume Schr\"odinger operators which holds for rather general magnetic fields and different boundary conditions. Examples of random potentials to which the results apply are certain alloy-type and Gaussian random potentials. Besides we show a diamagnetic inequality for Schr{\"o}dinger operators with Neumann boundary conditions.

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