01-195 Ale Jan Homburg Todd Young
Jakobson's Theorem near saddle-node bifurcations (960K, .ps.gz) May 29, 01
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Abstract. We discuss one parameter families of unimodal maps, with negative Schwarzian derivative, unfolding a saddle-node bifurcation. It was previously shown that for a parameter set of positive Lebesgue density at the bifurcation, the maps possess attracting periodic orbits of high period. We show that there is also a parameter set of positive density at the bifurcation, for which the maps exhibit absolutely continuous invariant measures which are supported on the largest possible interval. We prove that these measures converge weakly to an atomic measure supported on the orbit of the saddle-node point. Using these measures we analyze the intermittent time series that result from the destruction of the periodic attractor in the saddle-node bifurcation and prove asymptotic formulae for the frequency with which orbits visit the region previously occupied by the periodic attractor.

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