01-100 T. Aktosun and R. Weder
Inverse Scattering with Partial Information on the Potential (51K, Latex) Mar 14, 01
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Abstract. The one-dimensional Schr\"{o}dinger equation is considered when the potential is real valued and integrable and has a finite first moment. The recovery of such a potential is analyzed in terms of the scattering data consisting of a reflection coefficient, all the bound-state energies, knowledge of the potential on a finite interval, and all of the bound-state norming constants except one. It is shown that a missing norming constant in the data can cause at most a double nonuniqueness in the recovery. In the particular case when the missing norming constant in the data corresponds to the lowest-energy bound state, the necessary and sufficient conditions are obtained for the nonuniqueness, and the two norming constants and the corresponding potentials are determined. Some explicit examples are provided to illustrate the nonuniqueness.

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