00-70 Michael Christ, Alexander Kiselev
Maximal functions associated to filtrations (41K, LaTeX) Feb 10, 00
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Abstract. Let $T$ be a bounded linear, or sublinear, operator from $L^p(Y)$ to $L^q(X)$. To any sequence of subsets $Y_j$ of $Y$ is associated a maximal operator $T^*f(x) = \sup_j |T(f\cdot\chi_{Y_j})(x)|$. Under the hypotheses that $q>p$ and the sets $Y_j$ are nested, we prove that $T^*$ is also bounded. Classical theorems of Menshov and Zygmund are obtained as corollaries. Multilinear generalizations of this theorem are also established. These results are motivated by applications to the spectral analysis of Schr\"odinger operators.

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