00-513 Jinqiao Duan and Bjorn Schmalfuss
The 3D Quasigeostrophic Fluid Dynamics under Random Forcing on Boundary (287K, ps file) Dec 22, 00
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Abstract. The three-dimensional baroclinic quasigeostrophic flow model has been widely used to study basic mechanisms in oceanic flows and climate dynamics. In this paper, we consider this flow model under random wind forcing and time-periodic fluctuations on fluid boundary (the interface between the oceans and the atmosphere). The time-periodic fluctuations are due to periodic rotation of the earth and thus periodic exposure of the earth to the solar radiation. After establishing the well-posedness of the baroclinic quasigeostrophic flow model in the state space, we demonstrate the existence of the random attractors, again in the state space. We also discuss the relevance of our result to climate modeling.

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