00-504 Brian C. Hall
Geometric quantization and the generalized Segal-Bargmann transform for Lie groups of compact type (117K, Latex) Dec 19, 00
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Abstract. Let K be a connected Lie group of compact type and let T*(K) be its cotangent bundle. This paper considers geometric quantization of T*(K) first using the vertical polarization and then using a natural Kahler polarization obtained by identifying T*(K) with the complexified group K_C. The first main result is that the Hilbert space obtained by using the Kahler polarization is naturally identifiable with the generalized Segal-Bargmann space introduced by the author from a different point of view, namely that of heat kernels. The second main result is that the pairing map of geometric quantization coincides with the generalized Segal-Bargmann transform introduced by the author. This means that in this case the pairing map is a constant multiple of a unitary map. For both results it is essential that the half-form correction be included when using the Kahler polarization. Together with results of the author with B. Driver, these results may be seen as an instance of "quantization commuting with reduction."

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