00-494 Celletti, A., Falcolini, C.
Normal form invariants around spin-orbit periodic orbits (377K, ps) Dec 10, 00
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Abstract. We consider a model of spin-orbit interaction, describing the motion of an oblate satellite rotating about an internal spin-axis and orbiting about a central planet. The resulting second order differential equation depends upon the parameters provided by the equatorial oblateness of the satellite and its orbital eccentricity. Normal form transformations around the main spin-orbit resonances are carried out explicitely. As an outcome, one can compute some invariants; the fact that these quantities are not identically zero is a necessary condition to prove the existence of nearby periodic orbits (Birkhoff fixed point theorem). Moreover, the nonvanishing of the invariants provides also the stability of the spin-orbit resonances, since it guarantees the existence of invariant curves surrounding the periodic orbit.

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