00-468 Takashi Hara, Remco van der Hofstad and Gordon Slade
Critical two-point functions and the lace expansion for spread-out high-dimensional percolation and related models (137K, AMS-LaTeX with 9 EPS figures) Nov 28, 00
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Abstract. We consider spread-out models of self-avoiding walk, bond percolation, lattice trees and bond lattice animals on the d-dimensional hyper cubic lattice having long finite-range connections, above their upper critical dimensions d=4 (self-avoiding walk), d=6 (percolation) and d=8 (trees and animals). The two-point functions for these models are respectively the generating function for self-avoiding walks from the origin to x, the probability of a connection from 0 to x, and the generating function for lattice trees or lattice animals containing 0 and x. We use the lace expansion to prove that for sufficiently spread-out models above the upper critical dimension, the two-point function of each model decays, at the critical point, as a multiple of $|x|^{2-d}$ as x goes to infinity. We use a new unified method to prove convergence of the lace expansion. The method is based on x-space methods rather than the Fourier transform. Our results also yield unified and simplified proofs of the bubble condition for self-avoiding walk, the triangle condition for percolation, and the square condition for lattice trees and lattice animals, for sufficiently spread-out models above the upper critical dimension.

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