00-34 M. Aizenman, J.H. Schenker, R.M. Friedrich, and D.Hundertmark.
Constructive Fractional-Moment Criteria for Localization in Random Operators (107K, LaTex, using Elsevier "elsart" files (attached).) Jan 21, 00
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Abstract. We present a family of finite-volume criteria which cover the regime of exponential decay for the fractional moments of Green functions of operators with random potentials. Such decay is a technically convenient characterization of localization for it is known to imply spectral localization, absence of level repulsion, dynamical localization and a related condition which plays a significant role in the quantization of the Hall conductance in two-dimensional Fermi gases. The constructive criteria also preclude fast power-law decay of the Green functions at mobility edges.

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