00-335 Guillaume ADENIER
Refutation of Bell's theorem (38K, RevTex4, 8 pages.) Sep 4, 00
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Abstract. Bell's theorem is based on a linear combination of spin correlation functions, each of these functions being characterized by a different couple of arguments. The meaning of the simultaneous presence of these different couples of arguments in the same equation can be understood in two radically different ways: either as a strongly objective meaning, that is, all correlation functions are counterfactual properties of the same set of particle pairs, or as a weakly objective meaning, that is, each correlation function is measured on a different (and contextual) set of particle pairs. It is demonstrated that once this meaning is explicated, no discrepancy can appear between local realistic theories and quantum mechanics, and that the discrepancy exhibited by Bell's theorem is due to a meaningless comparison between the local realistic inequality written within strongly objective interpretation (thus relevant to a single set of particle pairs) and the quantum mechanical prediction written within weakly objective interpretation (thus relevant to several different sets of particle pairs).

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