00-282 Giuseppe Gaeta
On the cosmological implications of the Calogero conjecture (29K, LATEX) Jul 4, 00
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Abstract. We discuss the implications of the Calogero hypothesis on the ``cosmic origin of quantization'' [F. Calogero, ``Cosmic origin of quantization'', Phys. Lett. A 228 (1997), 335-346], and of the variation of the Planck constant with time it implies, for cosmology. We focus on two issues: (a) how the relation between redshift and distance would be modified; and (b) how the observations on the cosmic background radiation, and the estimation they give of the time elapsed since its production, would be interpreted in the light of Calogero hypothesis. We also check that the hypothesis is compatible with the present bounds on the variations of fundamental constants and with the observed blackbody distribution of the cosmic background radiation.

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