00-243 Florin Diacu and Manuele Santoprete
Nonintegrability and Chaos in the Anisotropic Manev Problem (45K, LaTeX) May 25, 00
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Abstract. The anisotropic Manev problem, which lies at the intersection of classical, quantum, and relativity physics, describes the motion of two point masses in an anisotropic space under the influence of a Newtonian force-law with a relativistic correction term. Using an extension of the Poincar\'e-Melnikov method, we first prove that for weak anisotropy, chaos shows up on the zero-energy manifold. Then we put into the evidence a class of isolated periodic orbits and show that the system is nonintegrable. Finally, using the geodesic deviation approach, we prove the existence of a large non-chaotic set of uniformly bounded and collisionless solutions.

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