00-241 San Vu Ngoc, Yves Colin de Verdiere
Singular Bohr-Sommerfeld Rules for 2D Integrable Systems (717K, Postscript) May 25, 00
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Abstract. In this paper, we describe Bohr-Sommerfeld rules for semi-classical completely integrable systems with 2 degrees of freedom with non degenerate singularities (Morse-Bott singularities) under the assumption that the energy level of the first Hamiltonian is non singular. The more singular case of {\it focus-focus } singularities is studied in [Vu Ngoc San, CPAM 2000] and [Vu Ngoc San, PhD 1998] The case of 1 degree of freedom has been studied in [Colin de Verdiere-Parisse, CMP 1999] Our theory is applied to some famous examples: the geodesics of the ellipsoid, the $1:2$-resonance, and Schr dinger operators on the sphere $S^2$. A numerical test shows that the semiclassical Bohr-Sommerfeld rules match very accurately the ``purely quantum'' computations.

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