00-226 Vadim Kostrykin and Robert Schrader
Global Bounds for the Lyapunov Exponent and the Integrated Density of States of Random Schr\"odinger Operators in One Dimension (34K, LaTeX2e) May 15, 00
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Abstract. In this article we prove an upper bound for the Lyapunov exponent $\gamma(E)$ and a two-sided bound for the integrated density of states $N(E)$ at an arbitrary energy $E>0$ of random Schr\"odinger operators in one dimension. These Schr\"odinger operators are given by potentials of identical shape centered at every lattice site but with non-overlapping supports and with randomly varying coupling constants. Both types of bounds only involve scattering data for the single-site potential. They show in particular that both $\gamma(E)$ and $N(E)-\sqrt{E}/\pi$ decay at infinity at least like $1/\sqrt{E}$. As an example we consider the random Kronig-Penney model.

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