00-179 Maria Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Thomas Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Thomas \O stergaard S\o rensen
Electron Wavefunctions and Densities for Atoms. (64K, LaTeX2e) Apr 12, 00
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Abstract. With a special `Ansatz' we analyse the regularity properties of atomic electron wavefunctions and electron densities. In particular we prove an a priori estimate, $\sup_{y\in B(x,R)}|\nabla\psi(y)| \leq C(R)\,\sup_{y\in B(x,2R)}|\psi(y)|$ and obtain for the spherically averaged electron density, $\widetilde\rho(r)$, that $\widetilde\rho''(0)$ exists and is non-negative.

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