Below is the ascii version of the abstract for 96-451. The html version should be ready soon.

Giuseppe Dito and Moshe Flato
Generalized Abelian Deformations: Application to Nambu Mechanics
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ABSTRACT.  We study Abelian generalized deformations of the usual product of polynomials 
introduced in mp_arc/96-39. We construct an explicit example for the case of 
$\frak{su}(2)$ which provides a tentative of a quantum-mechanical description 
of Nambu Mechanics on ${\Bbb R}^3$. By introducing the notions of strong and 
weak triviality of generalized deformations, we show that the Zariski product 
is never trivial in either sense, while the example constructed here in a
quantum-mechanical context is only strongly non-trivial.