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Apfeldorf K.M., Gomis J.
Superconformal theories from Pseudoparticle Mechanics
(89K, LaTeX)

ABSTRACT.  We consider a one-dimensional Osp($N|2M$) pseudoparticle 
mechanical model which may be written as a phase space gauge theory.  
We show how the pseudoparticle model naturally encodes and explains the 
two-dimensional zero curvature approach to finding extended conformal 
symmetries.   We describe a procedure of partial gauge fixing of these
theories which leads generally to theories with superconformally extended 
${\cal W}$-algebras.  
The pseudoparticle model allows one to derive the finite
transformations of the gauge and matter fields occurring in these 
theories with extended conformal symmetries. 
In particular, the partial gauge fixing of the Osp($N|2$) pseudoparticle
mechanical models results in theories with the 
SO($N$) invariant $N$-extended superconformal symmetry algebra of 
Bershadsky and Knizhnik.  These algebras are nonlinear for $N \geq 3.$
We discuss in detail the cases of $N=1$ and $N=2,$ giving 
two new derivations of the superschwarzian derivatives.
Some comments are made in the
$N=2$ case on how twisted and topological theories represent a
significant deformation of the original particle model.  
The particle model also allows one to interpret superconformal
transformations as deformations of flags in super jet bundles over 
the associated super Riemann surface.