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John R. Klauder
Scalar Field Quantization Without Divergences 
In All Spacetime Dimensions
(104K, LaTeX)

ABSTRACT.  Covariant, self-interacting scalar quantum field theories admit solutions for low enough spacetime 
dimensions, but when additional divergences appear in higher dimensions, the traditional approach leads to 
 results, such as triviality, that are less than satisfactory. 
Guided by idealized but soluble {\it non}renormalizable models, a nontraditional proposal for the quantization of covariant scalar 
field theories is advanced, which achieves a term-by-term, divergence-free, perturbation analysis of interacting 
models expanded about a suitable pseudofree theory, which differs from a free theory by an $O(\hbar^2)$ 
counterterm. These positive features are secured within a functional integral formulation by a local, nonclassical, 
counterterm that effectively transforms parameter changes in the action from generating mutually singular measures, which are the basis for divergences, to equivalent measures, thereby removing all divergences. 
The use of an alternative model about which to perturb is already supported by properties of the classical theory, and is allowed by the inherent ambiguity in the quantization process itself. 
 This procedure not only provides acceptable solutions for models for which no acceptable, faithful solution 
currently exists, e.g., $arphi^4_n$, 
for spacetime dimension $n\ge4$, but offers a new, divergence-free solution, for less-singular models as well, 
e.g., $arphi^4_n$, for $n=2,3$. Our analysis implies similar properties for multicomponent scalar 
models, such as those associated with the Higgs model.