07-172 Emilio N.M. Cirillo, Francesca R. Nardi, Cristian Spitoni
Metastability for reversible probabilistic cellular automata with self-interaction (495K, Pdf file) Jul 5, 07
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Abstract. The problem of metastability for a stochastic dynamics with a parallel updating rule is addressed in the Freidlin-Wentzel regime namely, finite volume, small magnetic field, and small temperature. The model is characterized by the existence of many fixed points and cyclic pairs of the zero temperature dynamics, in which the system can be trapped in its way to the stable phase. Nevertheless, the main features of metastability can be proven by using recent powerful approaches, which do not need a complete description of such fixed points but rely on few model dependent results such as a recurrence property to the metastable states and the determination of all the saddles between the metastable and the stable state.

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